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Managed Service Inclusions

What's Covered by our Managed Service Agreement

As part of this Agreement, we endeavor to include all the day to day IT support items that are typically required to run a typical Business Technology Baseline Infrastructure. You can see a list of all the items we will cover under this Agreement below.

It’s important to note that anything not included is explicitly excluded from Your Agreement and will be billed at our normal rates as found on our Rate Schedule.

From time to time, we may provide support for items not explicitly included below without charge – however we will do this at our sole discretion.

Desktop, Laptops and Servers:

  • Setup New Profiles on Desktops and Laptops
  • Add / Edit / Delete User Accounts
  • Forgotten Password Resets
  • Archive Old User Accounts (Backup Email & Files)
  • Setup & Maintain Security Groups
  • Setup & Maintain Network Drives
  • Restore Files from Backups (1)
  • Troubleshoot Operating System Not Working
  • Troubleshoot Microsoft Office Not Working
  • Troubleshoot Anti-Virus Not Working
  • Reboot Servers
  • Troubleshoot Hardware Issues (3)
  • Hard Drive Clean-up (Remove Temp & Unnecessary Files)
  • Warranty Claim Processing (3)
  • Microsoft Patch Management (Service Packs & Updates)
  • Update Approved 3rd Party Applications (Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, PDF Creator, Java, 7-Zip)
  • Monitor all Critical Server and Computer Services and Fix
  • Monitor Anti-Virus Running & Protection Enabled
  • Monitor Anti-Virus Definitions +Updating Correctly
  • Monitor Anti-Malware Running & Protection Enabled
  • Monitor Anti-Malware Definitions Updating Correctly
  • Monitor Hard Disk Health + Space & Defrag if Necessary
  • Monitor High CPU Usage
  • Monitor Security and Event Logs
  • Roll out our Best Practice Security Policies

Backup and Disaster Recovery:

  • Monitor Server and Computer Backups (1)
  • Troubleshoot Server and Computer Backup Failures (1)
  • Monitor Office365 Backups (1)
  • Troubleshoot Office365 Backup Failures (1)
  • Manual Test Restore & Report of All Approved Backups (1)


  • Clear & Reset Printer Queues
  • Troubleshoot Printer Issues
  • Add / Edit / Delete Printer Mapping Group Policies
  • Add / Edit / Delete Printer Drivers for Existing Printers
  • Troubleshoot Printer Hardware Issues (3)
  • Warranty Claim Processing (3)


  • Troubleshoot Internet Service Provider Issues & Outages
  • Troubleshoot Network Switch Issues
  • Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Access Point Issues
  • Update Wi-Fi SSID / Keys
  • Troubleshoot Router Issues
  • Troubleshoot Firewall Issues
  • irewall Security Audit and Adjustment
  • Monitor Network Switches Operations & Availability
  • Monitor Wi-Fi Access Points Operations & Availability
  • Monitor Router Operations & Availability
  • Monitor Firewall Operations & Availability
  • Warranty Claim Processing (3)

Domain Names:

  • Add / Edit / Delete MX Records
  • Add / Edit / Delete TXT Records
  • Add / Edit / Delete PTR Records
  • Add / Edit / Delete CNAME Records
  • Add / Edit / Delete A Records
  • Mobile Phone & Tablets:
  • Configure Outlook or Mail App (2)
  • Configure Skype for Business App (2)
  • Configure OneDrive for Business App (2)
  • Configure Teams for Business App (2)

Office 365:

  • Add / Edit / Delete User Accounts
  • Add / Edit / Delete User and Security Groups
  • Add / Edit / Delete Shared Mailboxes
  • Add / Edit / Delete Distribution Groups
  • Archive Old User Accounts (Backup Email & OneDrive)
  • Restore Files from Backups (1)
  • Install & Connect OneDrive Desktop Client (2)
  • Install & Connect Skype for Business Desktop Client (2)
  • Install & Connect Teams Desktop Client (2)


  1. Only applies to when using the Backup Platforms in our Recommended Technology Platform.
  2. This assumes that you already have the back-end systems and company-wide configurations all setup and configured for this product. If you don’t, then We will discuss with You the scope of any potential Project and send You a separate Proposal for your review.
  3. As you can appreciate, it’s hard to build a profitable and sustainable business offering “Unlimited Support” at a reasonable price for items that we didn’t recommend, sell and install. As such, if the Hardware we are troubleshooting was not purchased from us and/or the device is not currently covered by the Manufacturer’s warranty, a care pack or a maintenance agreement, then it is in Our sole discretion as to whether We will cover this work under the Scope of this Agreement or set it as Billable Out of Scope work.